Surigao del Norte: Siargao

Siargao is the most exciting place to visit. When you get to hear Siargao, all you can think of is “Surfing” and yes! It is known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”. But there is more to discover in this island.

We have always been wanting and dreaming to do surfing since then and we know how cool it is especially when you already know the benefits you can get out from doing this intense activity, it is a total body workout. Imagine your self making fun of the waves tossing and turning with it. Aside from the fact you are enjoying it, doesn’t matter the tan lines you can get, it is surely one of the best workout. Notice all surfers have that beautiful hunk body, right?

So let’s start the journey in this place.

We planned this trip couple of years ago way back August 2-5 of 2015. This gem belongs to the province of Surigao del Norte, situated at the northeastern tip of Mindanao. We packed light and headed our trip to Butuan City around 6:00 PM and the travel is really tiring, you have to endure 8-9 hours travel plus 2 hours travel to Surigao City. Arrived at 5:30 AM and we catch the early and first trip for Siargao Island ferry at 6:00 AM. Prepared for 3 hours trip.

From here, we have enjoyed the ride.

Arrived in General Luna at 9:30 AM and rode this cool motorcycle by Manong Greg on our way to Kokai Resort where we stayed overnight (for our 2 Days 1 Night trip).

In Siargao, you can join any group travel tour package offered online or you can just create your Do-it-yourself itinerary so that you can manage your time well and it is sure worth to spend with. (Please see on the last part of our blog the itinerary plotted and breakdown of expenses).

You can rent motorcycle (350-500php/day) offered in some resorts so you can wander other spots in the island.

Stop over for fuel and we are now ready for the ride and explore the beauty of Siargao.

Our first stop over: The Boulevard, a meeting place for the local community.

“The Boulevard”

From Boulevard, we proceed right away to the famous landmark in the island, this is undoubtedly the most popular surfing spot in the country, Cloud 9 Boardwalk.

Good thing there are no other guest aside from us. We hired Kuya Bob as our surfing instructor for our afternoon activity. Most of the surfing instructors are available in the boardwalk entrance (500php/hour/person).

Before hitting our favourite thing to do, which is surfing. Our morning trip is to visit one of the best tourist attraction, the Magpupungco Rock Pool. By just using google map and the rented motorcycle, this spot is a 45 minute ride from General Luna, we got the glimpse of this beautiful natural pool.

Rock formation.

This clear water of the pool, deep enough to jump and dive. Best time to visit during low tide.

After we enjoyed the swimming and diving in this tremendously beautiful pool, we headed back to our next destination around 4 PM.

Next is of-course the most awaited part, the fun and coolest stuff, Surfing.

Before hitting the waves to surf, we need to have the 5-10 minutes surfing orientation.

Remember to always “keep paddling”

Truly a “cloud nine” experience, Siargao is indeed wonderful!

How to get here:


  • There are direct flights to Siargao from Cebu City
  • Other nearest airport is in Surigao City


  • From Surigao City, ride a tricycle/multicab going to Ferry boat terminal in Boulevard.  Earliest trip is 5:30 AM. Travel time is around 3 hours
  • There are also Roll-on-Roll-off (RoRo) vessel departs from the Surigao main pier at 12 noon. It is about a 3.5 hour ride.
  • Upon arriving in Dapa port (Siargao), there are available motorcycle you can ride going to General Luna.


 Sample budget Budget for 1 person Budget for 2 person
From Surigao City to Boulevard pier terminal (tricycle/multicab) 10php 20
From Surigao port to Dapa port 210-250php 500
From Dapa port to General Luna (tricycle/motorcycle) 20php 40
From General Luna to Cloud 9 (tricycle/motorcycle) 10php 20
Kokai Resort (overnight with breakfast meal) 1200php/night 1200
Motorcycle (excluding fuel) 350php/day 350
motorcycle fuel 100php 100
Magpupunco pool entrance fee 20php 40
Surfing instructor 500/hour/person 1000
TOTAL 2400 3270

  What to do:

  • Surfing in Cloud9. Your Siargao trip won’t be complete without trying surfing.
  • Island Hopping. You can visit Guyam, Daku and Naked Island
  • Road trip. Rent a motorcycle and explore the island.
  • Visit Taktak falls in Santa Monica.
  • Swimming and cliff diving in Magpupungko Falls.
  • Food trip. Fresh and affordable seafoods are a must-try.
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