Negros Oriental: Mt. Talinis/Cuernos de Negros

Mt. Talinis/Cuernos de Negros

It is not new to everyone about this famous mountain, a favourite for most mountaineers. Our February travel trip will never be complete without reaching the second highest mountain in the Negros Island, one of the hardest trail for major climb, this is Mt. Talinis also known as Cuernos de Negros, a complex volcano in the province of Negros Oriental. Towering 1903 masl, located in southwest of the municipality of Valencia and 20 km away from Dumaguete City, the capital of the province.

A group of mountaineers created a club and named the group after the moderator/organizer’s son’s name “Basti” who is so adorable and loaded with cuteness, named the group as Parokya ni Basti.

In this climb, together with the group of first-timers, friends, guests from England, and mountain enthusiasts, we took the most difficult trail, started our jump-off area at Bediao, Dauin.

From jump off area, we had our registration and got to run a few errands, getting ready for the climb.

Considering this mountain as one of the grueling climb in Visayas region and there’s a lot to discover such as peaceful lake, unspoiled trails, some dangerous elevation and excruciating terrain. Couldn’t be more excited to climb this mountain.

Test of leg strength and flexibility to pass through the “Portal”.

Arrived at our first stop over around 12:30 noon for our lunch, and we found some groups already taking their rest, so we had our quick rest as well.

After we have eaten our lunch, we had some quick photo captured at Lake Yagumyum, the first lake to be encountered in the trek. These are crater lakes near the summit. Afterwards, we resume our trek going to our campsite at Lake Nailig.

After couple of hours of trekking we have reached our campsite at exactly 5:00 PM, at Lake Nailig. The lake is so beautiful and peaceful. We immediately pitched our tent and prepared our dinner.

Dinner is done.

We prepared Kimbap, Sushi, and Potato-Bacon for dinner.

Had our socials. Slept at 10:00 PM.

Due to its very cool weather (12 degrees Celsius) we really had difficulty in sleeping. The following day, we woke up to a cold, wet, windy, a morning covered by fog/mists all over the place. But the feeling is amazing.

Captured at 5:45 AM

We failed to climb the peak due to the strong weather. My heart cries, the feeling of incompleteness. Instead of soaking ourselves to grief because we weren’t able to hit the summit, we just savoured the moment of watching the most scenic place and enjoyed the landscape beauty of the lake.

Jumpshot with our friends


Cooked our breakfast instead.

Yummy Creamy Sausage Pasta.

After we packed up, we started our trek towards our exit point at Apolong, which is approximately 8-10 hour trek from Lake Nailig.

We were startled with the incredible beauty of this river, Kaipuhan Sulfur River.

Dead trees line up the Kaipuhan Solfotaras

Along the trail, you will see this enormous falls, one of the twin falls.

After a few hours of trek, we finally reached the end part of the traverse, this is the most awaited spot, the Casaroro Falls, the tallest falls in Visayas.

90 meters long falls

Finally, we have completed our bucketlist of reaching and climbing one of the mountain in Visayas Region. A destination that is truly remarkable.

Sample Itinerary:


0500 – Meetup at Dumaguete City Public Market

0530 – Breakfast with puto and chokolate

0600 – ETD to Bediao jump-off area

0700 – ETA in Bediao Geothermal Site (Registration)

0730 – Start trek

1200 – ETA Lake Yagumgyum, lunch break

1330 – Trek to Lake Nailig

1630 – ETA Lake Nailig, set up camp

1800 – Dinner/socials

2200 – Lights off


0500 – Wakeup call

0530 – Prepare for breakfast

0600 – (sched to trek to summit, but failed to do so)

0730 – Break camp and start trek to Ranch

1100 – ETA Solfotara River

1330 – Start trek to Twin Falls

1400 – ETA Twin Falls

1420 – Back on trail

1600 – ETA Apolong

1615 – Trek to Casaroro Falls

1630 – ETA at Casaroro Falls

1730 – Back trail to Apolong

1830 – ETA Dumaguete City

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