South Cotabato: Mt. Matutum

It is still fresh in our mind how we made it to the top, how we managed to climb up one of the hardcore trail in Mindanao. Towering 2293 MASL  located at Tupi, South Cotabato, a town famous for its pineapple plantations.

Climbing Mt. Matutum is one great opportunity for all of us, aside from the known facts about the mountain, it will give you 3 reason why you should include this in your bucketlist: the biodiversity, the terrain and the tree-planting. However the challenge is not to be taken lightly, some mountaineers say that Mt. Matutum trail is more difficult than Mt. Apo.

Together with the Sandawa Apo Mountaineering club, we arrived at our jump off area around 7:30 AM,  for Matutum Glandang trail.

After few hours of trek, finally reached phase 1, also the area for water source.

The local government has established a standard goal for ecotourism. There is a great biodiversity found in the area. Anyone who wishes to climb the mountain and get to the peak, they need to include and undergo tree-planting in their itinerary. As their famous motto “Amyak Maleh Matutum” means “Climb and Plant Matutum”. In response to the beauty of this mountain and to preserve biodiversity for plants, everyone is encourage to take good care this precious gift that we all have enjoyed its beauty and for the benefit of the next generation.

Raflessia – Considered as the largest flower in the Philippines

We reach the summit at 5:00pm, where we socialized with other mountaineers. It’s a relief that you are now on top, all the tiredness and pains we went through is paid off.

The challenge and satisfaction brought by the prominent mountain in Southest province of Cotabato on the island of Mindanao is truly unforgettable.


Day 1

06:00am – Assembly Time
06:30am – Travel from Tupi to Jump off site
07:00am – Start trek
10:00am – Arrival at Phase 1
03:00pm – Arrival at the Summit
03:30pm – We start our late lunch
07:00pm – Dinner
08:00pm – Lights Off

Day 2

07:00am – Wakeup call
07:30am – Breakfast
08:00am – Picture taking and exploring the summit.
10:00am – Start descent
01:00pm – Back at Jump off
01:30pm – Rode Van back to Tupi


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