Bukidnon: Kapayawan Ridge

Kapayawan Ridge in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon is the perfect place to go on hiking and enjoy the serenity of the goodness of every mountain as far as your eyes can see. Who would not fall in love with this breathtaking view? Before you experience this, you need to taste 2-3 hours trek first. It is a moderately challenging trail.

Our hike to Kapayawan Ridge is the third part of our 2 Days 1 Night Bukidnon trip series(December 21-23, 2016). From Davao City, we had to endure the 5-6 hours travel  time via bus (Rural Transit) to Impasug-ong, Bukidnon. We departed Davao Bus Terminal around 6am. 

Prior the said trail on our destination to Kapayawan Ride, we already made our Itinerary for the day. Part of our trip is to check and see(in the morning) this one of a kind waterfall. The Alalum falls. We all know that a waterfall is a beautiful sight. This Alalum falls located in just along the highway, you’ll get to see the view of this enormous falls right away. You don’t have to go on trekking for an hour or more, all you have to do is just a click to capture this falls. It is a 45-meters high. For most hikers, I can say it’s a non-challenging, no-distant hike but beautiful falls.

On our way to Kapayawan Ridge, we made sure to bring the necessary things for camping. Part of our itinerary, we stayed overnight at the ride unlike any other hike-goers who preferred to trek at dawn most likely they will start as early as 2:00 AM. We started our trek around 3:30 PM.

Just along the highway, you will see right away this landmark. Disembark at Impalutao Integrated School along the Sayre National Highway. You can ride habal-habal or hike towards the right road to Ant Farm. At least 1.8km away from the highway.

We arrived at exactly 3:30 pm on our jump off area at Ant-Farm(as of February of 2017 update, Kapayawan Ridge is not anymore affiliated with Ant-Farm) you will see this cute little tree house and you may climb up to see the gorgeous are of Ant-Farm.

Here are some of our photos taken at the beautiful place.

This was taken early morning of the location, around 5:45AM.

If it wasn’t for Kuya Slim our handsome guide, we can’t have this lovely photo.

We have prepared this yummy breakfast. Our favourite, onion rings, mini burger and hash brown.

How to get here:

  • From Davao Ecoland Bus Terminal, ride a bus (Rural Transit) bound to Cagayan de Oro. 5-6 hours est. time of travel.
  • Alight at Impalutao Integrated School, Impasug-ong, just along the Sayre Highway.
  • From the school, 10-15mins hike or ride habal2x to the Ant Farm (jump off area) to meet the guide. For more details contact Sir Slim. (0936 861 1326)
UPDATE: Kapayawan Ridge is still open but Ant Farm Outdoors no longer handle its "guideship" due to some reasons. Fortunately, you can still enjoy similar trails and view on their new spot, the Panimahawa Ridge.
  • From Ant Farm, just 2-3 hours easy hike to Kapayawan Ridge. Most hikers prefer to have a night trek or a late afternoon hike.
Trail to Kapayawan Ridge

 Sample budget (2D1N) 1 person (php) 2 person (php)
From Davao City Bus terminal to Impasug-ong, Bukidnon 300 600
Kapayawan ridge reg. and guide fee 300 600
Camping foods (Hash brown, Onion rings, Cheesy spam slider) 150 300
Total 750 1,500
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