Davao Oriental: Pusan Point

Pusan Point in Brgy. Santiago, Caraga, Davao Oriental

How marvelous is it to feel witnessing the shining sun to rise from the East. Said to be the very first to rise in the Philippines. To reach this destination is a dream come true. We used to chase sun in the mountain, until the hue rays of gold and yellow splashed the sky from the ground made us want to chase sun some more.

Imagine yourself standing just right in front of the Pacific Ocean along the coast of Davao Oriental where the gigantic and raging waves crashed violently against the edged rocky formation. Pusan Point is actually the easternmost in land point of the Philippines, part of Barangay Santiago of the Municipality of Caraga. It is also said that in this place, where hundreds of people gathered to take the glimpse of the first sunrise of the new millennium.
16 feet concrete Jubilee cross

So much of the demographic and historical facts of Pusan Point, there are few things now you can explore in this place. It is now filled with general information where kids and teens would really enjoy. It is known now as Pusan Point Eco Park and Science Discovery Center.

Inside the Science Discovery Center

After strolling in the coastal area of Pusan Point where we really enjoyed a lot watching the waves keeps on splashing back and forth and waiting for the biggest wave to splash till we got wet. We headed back to the Science Center and watched the scenery of everything.

Pusan point viewed on top of the viewing deck

Splashing of waves

Entrance of Pusan Point


How to get here:

  • from Davao City, take a bus or van bound to Mati City. Estimated travel time is 3 hours.
  • from Mati City terminal, transfer to another bus or van bound to Caraga/Baganga or Cateel.
  • Tell the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Santiago, Caraga and look for this sign. (estimated travel time 1-2 hours)

Brgy. Santiago going to Pusan point

  •  from Brgy. Santiagao crossing, rent a motorcycle to take you to Pusan Point. (50php/person). Travel time is less than 20 mins.

From Davao City to Pusan Point

From crossing Brgy. Santiago, Caraga to Pusan Point
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