Davao Oriental: Cape San Agustin

Cape San Agustin in Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental

It was supposed to be our last year’s bucket list to conquer this breathtaking spot in the South Eastern most of Mindanao during our Trail run event happened in Mt. Hamiguitan, San Isidro dated June 25, 2016 but due to time constraint, we failed to visit the place. As we welcome 2017, we made sure to add Davao Oriental Trip for our Project81. Now let’s begin.

How else would I describe the beauty of Cape San Agustin? Let’s navigate and see more of it, our first destination in the province.

Cape San Agustin is situated in Barangay Lavigan, the southernmost Barangay of Governor Generoso, one of the Davao Oriental’s list of must-visit tourist destinations. It features several historical landmarks, stunning beaches and other attractions. Our plan was to depart at 7:00 am from Davao going Mati right after work. Due to strong and unstoppable rain, we left Davao around 10:00am. We know that we won’t be able to follow what is on our Itinerary, inevitable circumstances always surprises you along the way. We still push through our trip.

After several hours of travel, strong winds, and rain drops, we finally reached the end of the road. We have successfully and finally got to see the glimpse of Cape San Agustin. The three historical Lighthouses called “Parola”, the rhythmic percussion of waves, and the sun that is set to dip behind the horizon intensified our soul. It was indeed wonderful to end the day.

The difference from our trip in this place from other traveler is, we stayed there overnight to witness the sunrise.


Small, Medium and Large Lighthouse or “Parola” of Cape San Agustin

Sunset at Cape San Agustin facing Davao Gulf

Pinkish-white sand beach. Roughly 600 meters long

So much feels and excitement, we rushed and run our to do list for that day. First, we wander the nearby beach and we visited the famous landmark in Cape San Agustin, this humongous rock formation is facing the endless smash of big waves of Pacific Ocean called “The Altar” where Saint Francis Xavier known to have celebrated the Holy Eucharist.

“The Altar” . Around 800 meters along the beach line northeast of the Light towers.

During our stay, our original plan is to pitch our tent and camp just outside the entrance but due to strong winds and heavy rainfall, we look for any rooms available to stay overnight, fortunately there are rooms for rent offered in Cape San Agustin, just few walks away from the entrance,  so we then decided to rent a room. There was no electricity during our stay due to the rain, despite of these, still we were able to cook some of our favorite camping foods.

Koren style Dinner: Cheesy Kimbap with wasabi paste and soy sauce, Hot and Spicy Jjampong, and home-made kimchi.

Pinoy style Breakfast: Spam-Sisig-Sinangag-Itlog. “SSSilog”

How to get here:

1. Bus bound to Mati City

  • from Davao Bus Terminal, ride bus bound to Mati City and disembark at crossing Manikling Terminal in San Isidro around 24 kms. before Mati City.
  • from Manikling you can rent motorcycle to bring you directly to Cape San Agustin. (800php for 2 person back-and-forth) You can haggle for lower rate.
  • or from Manikling you can ride van or jeep heading to Governor Generoso (Sigaboy). From there Governor Generoso proper, just rent motorcycle to Cape San Agustin which is still around 55 kms afar.

2. Van bound to Governor Generoso (Sigaboy)

  • from Gaisano Mall or Victoria Plaza van terminal, travel time to GovGen is around 3-4 hours.
  • from the Governor Generoso proper, just rent motorcycle to Cape San Agustin which is still around 55 kms. far.

3. Bus directly to Pundaguitan and Lavigan (southeaster most barangays)

  • from Davao bus Terminal, ride a bus bound directly to Brgy. Pundaguitan or Lavigan of Governor Generoso.
  • Cape San Agustin is just a few kilometers from this stops, rent motorcycle with rate ranging from 50-100php/person.

Location map of Cape San Agustin

What to do:

  • Climb the two of the three lighthouses and witness the 360 degrees view of Cape San Agustin.
  • Beach bumming at the pinkish-white sand shoreline adjacent to the Lighhouses.
  • Short hike to the famous rock formation “The Altar” which belongs to the Sigaboy formation composed of conglomeratic rock sequence.
  • Prefect place for both Sunrise and Sunset experience.
  • Star gazing during the night

Where to stay:

  • There are two establishments offering overnight stays in the area. Per night rates ranges from 200-500 per room. They have stores so you can choose to  buy or cook your own meal.
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